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Swift SDK

The rapid way to start consuming API-based services on SWIFT


Swift Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a simplified way for developers to consume the growing number of API-based services available on the Swift platform. The SDK delivers APIs that hide much of lower-level application plumbing, including authentication, authorization, signing and error handling. It also contains a number of value-added services, such as: end-to-end testing scenarios; API samples addressing; API payloads validation based on ISO 20022; as well as ready-to-use API use-cases.



The SDK employs standardised ISO 20022 data models to represent the business payloads of API calls, and, as such, ensures developers have a harmonised experience which implementing the different API-based services. Integration is also straightforward as the SDK is architected for embedding in any Java based application, Java based middleware or Java Application Server.


Implementing the SDK does not require you to deploy new hardware on your premises as it reuses your existing set of Swift security and connectivity footprint – including Swift Alliance Gateway (SAG), RA connectivity to SAG, the Swift WebPlatform HTTP Proxy and Swift VPN box.


The SDK also maintains Swift’s uncompromising approach to security: it contains the mandated Swift Security implementations adhering to security industry standards; and is compliant with our Customer Security Programme (CSP), whilst being the only Swift component that can be deployed outside of the Swift secure-zone.


Reference more information in the Release Notes including: what’s new; the APIs supported; the value-added services; what’s in the upcoming release; and more.

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