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Swift Microgateway

Your single gateway to access and offer API-based services on SWIFT

The Swift Microgateway is a software product that enables you to benefit from the wide range of API-based services now available on Swift. By deploying the Microgateway, firms can configure, manage and monitor all the API calls they make on the platform. And, in the future, the Microgateway will allow you to expose your own APIs on Swift, and start offering your services to our unique community of 11,000+ financial institutions in 200+ countries.


The Microgateway provides firms with a single solution to consume all API-based services available on Swift – whether they are delivered by Swift or third-parties. The Microgateway saves you time and money: No longer do you have to complete an integration project – and engage consulting services – every time you want to benefit from a new API-based service on Swift. Instead, just set up and deploy the Microgateway once, and select which services you want to use.


You can configure the Microgateway to consume or expose data over the different API environments Swift offers. Clearly, when dealing with highly confidential data, such as payments or securities, you’ll want to set up the Microgateway to exchange data over Swift’s highly secure MV-SIPN channel. This is a unique environment which enables ‘end-to-end non-repudiation’ – a guarantee that all parties involved in a transaction cannot deny the authenticity of the exchange.

Equally, when dealing with less confidential information, such as reference data, you can set up the Microgateway to exchange data via Swift’s internet-based channel; this simplifies the security, identity and authentication requirements for all parties involved.


The Microgateway is fully backwards compatible with the Swift gpi Connector offer: Institutions can migrate directly from the gpi Connector to the Microgateway and start benefiting from the full range of API-based services available on Swift.


In the future, you will be able to leverage the Microgateway to offer your services to Swift’s user community worldwide. Swift is currently developing the software to enable you to create a secure and standardised two-way channel between your applications and any institution connected to Swift. Using the software you will be able to configure and manage all incoming API calls from Swift users, and automatically share the relevant data with them.

To find out more about the Microgateway, contact API Core squad at


No problem, you can download Swift’s Software Development Kit (SDK) here and quickly start to develop the software you’ll need to consume the range of API-based services available on Swift.



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