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The SWIFT Developer Portal provides information on SWIFT's APIs with an integrated sandbox environment. Customers are able to learn how to integrate, test and build their applications with the SWIFT APIs.
The SWIFT Developer Portal is for everyone. Whether you are an existing SWIFT customer or just interested in learning more about how SWIFT does APIs, the portal is for you.
As a non-registered user, you have access to API overview, documentation, sample request / responses, sandbox access with anonymous API key, blog posts, FAQ and support. Registered users can create apps and obtain API key used only by their applications to test the API product(s) of their choice in the sandbox environment.
A sandbox is a software testing environment that enables software to be thoroughly tested and consume data available. Consumption of the sandbox environment does not impact the live production environment.
gpi API v2 sandbox is no longer supported on Developer Portal.
The header ‘x-api-key’ has to be updated with your consumer-key generated by the app you have created. In Postman go to your folder settings and update the 'consumer-key' variable and click on 'update'.
Using the OAuth Postman collection update the Basic auth authentication with your consumer key and consumer secret. Only Apps that use OAuth are:
  • Compliance Analytics API
  • Banking Analytics API
In the setting section of Postman turn off ‘SSL certificate verification’.
If you are using credentials to log in use to reset your password. If you are using local login use Developer Portal to reset your password.

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