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About the Swift Platform Partner Programmes

We’re currently working with our community of over 11,000 institutions to enable instant and frictionless transactions from one account to another, anywhere in the world. By bringing together data and common services, we aim to significantly improve end-to-end efficiency and reduce total costs, while bringing new business value to end customers. To do this, we’re transforming our platform based on the concept of transaction management.

The Swift Platform Partner Programmes are key to this vision. Our goal is to be a collaborative platform where innovative new ideas can thrive, and new products and services can reach and benefit as many people as possible.Trusted third-party providers already play a key role in extending the reach of the Swift network. And now we are encouraging external providers to develop API-based products and services that can be used across our entire community too.

NOTE: Participation in Swift partner programmes subject to applicable terms & conditions.

What’s in it for you?

  • Grow your business

    Leverage vast network to reach new customers

  • API and sandbox access

    Efficiently build and monetise new products using our developer tools (e.g. SDK)

  • Incentives

    Possibility of reduced programme fees as you grow your business

  • Community access

    Raise awareness through community events and being featured in our Platform Partners Portal

  • Accreditation

    Get recognised by Swift customers after completing the accreditation process.

How can you add value?

Our programmes offers a range of opportunities for third parties to expand their reach, extend the scope of their proposition, and bring increased value to the Swift ecosystem

Embed Swift services

Integrate new services into your platform, like Swiftgpi payment tracking for your back office.

Enhance our network

Provide new capabilities to our global community, like enhancing your own proprietary API to Swift users via our gateway.

Firms we are partnering with

NOTE: Participation in Swift partner programmes subject to applicable terms & conditions.