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Lets build the financial
future together

Our Platform Partner programmes facilitate the SWIFT community to better utilize, integrate, and develop new solutions leveraging our expanding offering of APIs.

The Portal offers access to SWIFT API specifications and the latest related documentation. Explore these resources and learn more about how the Platform Partner programmes can provide you with the right inspirations, tools and support to help your organisation grow.

Why partner with SWIFT?

Joining as a Platform Partner opens up new opportunities for collaborating with us. Gain additional access to API testing material,accredit and publish your solution within the SWIFT Developer Portal.


Our portal equips you with the tools and resources you need. This means you can start building new solutions,embedding our latest capabilities and bring them to market within our global community.

A secure platform for API providers and consumers

  • Build new products quickly

    Efficiently build and monetise new products using our developer tools (e.g. SDK)

  • Incentives

    Possibility of reduced programme fees as you grow your business

  • Community access

    Raise awareness through community events and being featured in our Platform Partners Portal

  • APIs and sandbox

    Access to API-specific documentation and tailored API resources

  • Effortless customer experience

    Offer a streamlined technical integration and functional support to SWIFT customers

A secure platform for API providers and consumers

Distribute / Reach
  • Leverage SWIFT's vast network to reach new customers
  • Possibility of incentives as you grow your business
  • Gain exposure through SWIFT events and by being featured on and in the SWIFT Platform Partners portal
  • Develop, monetise and promote new products quickly
  • Learn about SWIFT APIs, community APIs, Microgateway and SDK
  • Publish your app in Developer Portal to reach the community
  • Create a go-to-market plan for SWIFT platform and services adoption
  • Ensure high quality experience for your customers
  • Expand exposure and increase your visibility in the community

Join as a SWIFT Platform Partner

Sign in using your account and follow the appropriate steps to register your interest and begin exploring potential partnership avenues. We'll give you all the support you need during your onboarding, and once done, you'll be able to start testing in our API sandbox.

Join the SWIFT Platform Partners

Interested in joining a Platform Partner programme? Contact your account manager or raise a case with SWIFT Support.

Who partners with SWIFT?

NOTE: Participation in SWIFT partner programmes subject to applicable terms & conditions.