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Getting started with SWIFT API Postman Collection

Postman is an application that makes calling APIs intuitive from a GUI interface. We leveraged its usability to help you get started with the SWIFT APIs. If you are new to Postman, we invite you to read more about it on their official website (

Download the postman app from the download page (


Postman collection is a collection of API calls stored in JSON file, making it easy to shared the collection with others. The postman app is required to load the postman collection. In Postman, click on the Import button to import the JSON file.


Once postman project is imported, open the project propertise by clicking on ... (three dotted line) and then click on Edit


Navigate to the Variables tab. Variables defined here can be reference anywhere in the collection.

Some variables have predefined "initial value" which are specific to the sandbox environment. For example, version, applicationId and lauKey. Copy these values to "current value" when you are testing in the sandbox environment.

Some variables do not have "initial value" such as LAUSignature and apiKey. LAUSignature is calculated using HmacSHA256 and UTF-8 encoding, the implementation is embedded in the postman collection "Pre-request Scripts" in Accounts, Payments and Payments Corporates folders. apiKey is the value of the consumer-key associated with the app you created. Don't have an app yet? an app with the API product in order to try the APIs in the sandbox environment.