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Universal Confirmations API

Version 5.0 Live

The Universal Confirmations API provides a lean communication channel between the customer's business application and the Tracker. In addition, when updating a transaction status with the API, the Tracker validates the information and provides an immediate response if the update was successful or not, allowing the application to take immediate action based on the API call result.

The benefits of this API are:

  • Enhanced experience to customers
  • Simplicity of updating a payment in real-time
  • Reuse and share existign API infastructure for gpi and non-gpi institutions of the same group

Additional information when integrating with the API:

  • Business analysts and developers designing applications with the Universal Confirmations API must be familiar with the Universal Confirmations rulebook, that describes the payment transaction data model and the business validation embedded in the Tracker.

  • MT 103 transactions that are already in a final state (accepted ACCC or rejected RJCT) cannot be updated any more. Applications receiving the respective error from the Tracker must not retry the API call but rather log that the transaction is already final.

  • Non-gpi financial institutions using this API should not use the service_type identifier or service_level field.

For more information on Universal Confirmations, visit Universal Confirmations on


Supported Developer Toolkit


This API is supported by SWIFT SDK and SWIFT Microgateway.


Ordering & Provisioning


There is no subscription needed for Supervised Institutions (SUPE) and Payment System Participants (PSPA). Application providers and partners do not have access to the test API service at the moment. Non-gpi financial institutions can request to be provisioned to use this API in the Pilot and Live environments via the ordering page.

 This API is designed to update payments received by many non-gpi BICs that belong to the same group, using a single PKI certificate to sign the API calls.

Developer Reference

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Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and Postman collection to get started!

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For version 4, refer to the gpi API v4 Reference.


Understanding the business rules are necessary when integrating with this API, be sure to reference the Universal Confirmations rulebook.

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gpi API release policy and versioning strategy respect a consistent and comprehensive policy.

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