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Pre-validation API


The beneficiary account verification lets participants verify whether the creditor information they hold is correct. More precisely, this service verifies that an account exists at the beneficiary bank and is capable of receiving incoming funds. This usually implies that the account is open, properly identified by the given number and, depending on the jurisdiction and the market practices in use where the account is held, that the creditor name matches the name of the account holder.

This service is meant to be used as a many-to-many real-time API service, in which participants play two roles:

  • API Consumer: when, as payment originators, they want to confirm creditor information with a beneficiary bank. In this case, they implement an API client and issue requests towards API providers;

  • API Provider: when, as beneficiary bank, they verify in their books the creditor information upon requests sent by payment originators. In this case, they implement and expose an API server, which will receive incoming requests from API consumers and send back a response.

The service provider does not take liability for the response and does not provide any guarantee on the outcome of an actual transaction being sent to this account. The information provided is meant to be as accurate as possible at the time that the request was processed. The requester must pass the creditor name and the service provider can use this information as part of the verification or not.

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