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Payment Pre-validation API

Version 2.3 Dev Version 2.2 Live Version 2.1 Live

This API is designed to support banks to prepare their cross-border payment requests and check if the payment information is valid and in good standing with the country-specific requirements at the destination.

Pre-validation services are available to validate individual payment information, multiple payment information aggregated together, right through to validating entire payment requests.


Pre-validation Key Benefits


All banks can pre-validate their cross-border payment information with SWIFT, against SWIFT reference data, country-specific requirements, or historical pseudonymised account statistics, or with other institutions that subscribed to the service as Payment Pre-validation data providers (for example, beneficiary banks).


Pre-validation Service Consumers (Requesters) with Beneficiary Account


Payment Pre-validation User will:

  • Implement an API client and issue API requests towards SWIFT to validate cross-border payment information

SWIFT will:

  • Perform pre-validation services centrally, using SWIFT reference data and country-specific requirements

  • Facilitate the validation of cross-border payment information with other institutions (e.g. beneficiary banks)


The Payment Pre-validation Data Provider API details how to respond to account validation requests.


Network Options


There are two network options available to Payment Pre-validation users to support different operating models. Depending on their individual needs, users can choose to pre-validate their payments over the public internet and/or over SWIFT’s highly secure network (MV-SIPN).

Using the API over the SWIFT network, for example, enables you to integrate pre-validation services in your back-end systems. On the other hand, using the API over the public internet could be used to integrate pre-validation services into your front-end, online channels. For more information on each network option, refer to Additional Material.

Developer Reference

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Additional Material

Service Description

Onboarding Guide for Payment Pre-validation Consumers – API over SWIFT

Onboarding guide for Payment Pre-validation Consumers – API over Internet

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