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Payment Pre-validation Data Provider API

Version 2.1 Live Version 1.1 Live

This API enables Data Providers (e.g. beneficiary banks) to validate cross-border payment information they receive from other institutions (e.g. banks, corporates) and determine if the information is correct.


Payment Pre-validation Data Provider


The Data Provider (Responder) will:

  • Implement and expose an API server to SWIFT

  • Implement an API service to validate cross-border payment information by using Payment Pre-validation Data Provider OpenAPI specifications

SWIFT will:

  • Facilitate the delivery of the payment pre-validation requests by using the API server implemented by the Data Providers

  • Facilitate the delivery of the payment pre-validation responses with the details provided by the Data Providers


Network option

We advise that Data Providers respond to pre-validation requests over the internet. For more information please refer to Additional Material.

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Onboarding Guide for Data Providers – API over Internet

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