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Observer Analytics API

Version 1.1 Dev Version 1.0 Live

The Observer Analytics API enables financial institutions to enrich payments data with value added information to optimise their cross-border payments strategy and discover new opportunities.

The cross-border payments landscape is highly competitive and lacking in transparency. With Observer Analytics and its APIs, financial institutions have the ability access and integrate enriched payments information about a specific transaction, identified by its UETR, or transactions initiated on a specific date. The data accessible through the API is enriched with computation on speed, fees, end-to-end routing, gpi KPIs and a benchmarking capability.

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End-to-end speed of payments: Explore the end-to-end speed of your payments, discover inefficiencies, understand the reasons and derive ways to reduce frictions.

End-to-end routing of payments: Explore the end-to-end routing of your payments, discover inefficiencies, understand the reasons and derive ways to better optimise your payment routing.

Payment activity share in specific corridor: Discover your transaction activity share in a certain corridor and derive opportunities from it.

Processing speed of competitors: Benchmark your speed performance against peers active in a same area to derive opportunities an ways to reduce frictions from it.


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