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Notification API

Version 2.0 Dev


The SWIFT Notification Service Platform is a product that allows clients to receive notifications about their transactions from the SWIFT services they use. The clients will have the choice of delivery channel(s) for the notifications they subscribe to, making it easier for them to integrate as needed.

The APIs available for clients allow them request a list of notification categories to which they can subscribe. The permissions for the notification categories are set by the SWIFT services or products. The clients have the option to subscribe to the category for which they wish to receive notifications, as well as the option to modify the subscription or unsubscribe at any given point. The notifications will be delivered on one or more of the delivery channels available: longpoll, email, SMS.

SWIFT makes the SWIFT Notification Service Platform available over APIs for ease of integration. The APIs made available in the API contract allow clients to integrate the solution in their back office, while also providing the necessary APIs for a full user experience.



  • Ability to receive business notifications from SWIFT services or products

  • Fire and forget mechanism

  • No sensitive information

  • Multiple delivery channels available: long poll, email, sms

  • Batching and replay functionality


Sample Use Cases

Using the Notification Service with gCASE allows customers to receive notifications when an ongoing payment has an open case. The notification can alert the user in the payment chain when new information is available, or when an action must be taken from their side to proceed with the transaction.

Using the Notification Service with gSRP allows customers to receive notifications when a payment has been stopped or recalled. The notification can inform the user when any client or gpi agent within the payment chain has requested a payment be stopped, or has requested a payment be cancelled. The notification would trigger a business action allowing the client to take action on the payment immediately.

Using the Notification Service with Pre-Validation services allows customers to trigger and receive notifications in relation to a payment's beneficiary's account validity and whether it can process the transaction it is being asked to handle. The notification would allow beneficiaries to know when a business action must be taken for an ongoing payment based on the check performed by the counterparty.

Using the Notification Service with the Screening Utility service allows customers to receive notifications when the utility has triggered an alert in the payment chain. The notification would inform the client of the business action to be taken in order to continue processing the payment.

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