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gpi Core Services

Version 5.0 Live

SWIFT gpi enables banks to provide end-to-end payments tracking to their customers from the moment it is sent right up to when it is confirmed. Prior to SWIFT gpi, this was not possible in cross-border payments as each bank has only been able to guarantee and share information on its own leg of the payment. SWIFT gpi banks can log in to the Tracker to instantly check the status of the payments sent, in progress, and received. Integration of the gpi Tracker APIs with applications allows calls to be made to retrieve and update payment transactions. When updating a transaction status with the API, the gpi Tracker validates the information and provides an immediate response if the update was successful or not, allowing the application to take immediate action based on the API call result.

The latest API version 5 is designed to adapt to the ISO 20022 data model, the gpi ISO rulebook, and is aligned with CBPR+/HVPS+/PMI usage guidelines. It is also fully compliant with the gpi ISO tracking specification that defines how both MT 103, MT 202/205(COV), pacs.008, pacs.009 COV and pacs.009 CORE are tracked during the ISO migration timeframe. Unlike the previous API versions, this version provides a micro-service view of the payment transactions per gpi business service categorized as the following:

  • Customer Credit Transfer (gCCT): supports the domestic and cross-border customer payments, typically MT 103 and pacs.008 on SWIFT or domestic Payment Market Infrastructure

  • Cover Payments (gCOV): supports the bank to bank cover payments, happening when parties in the gCCT transaction chain do not have a correspondent relationship, therefore the payment is carried through an MT 202COV or pacs.009COV via other agents. A cover payment is always linked to the underlying customer payment, and carries the same UETR as the MT 103 or pacs.008

  • Financial Institution Transfer (gFIT): supports the bank to bank transfers, where banks manage liquidity via their Nostro/Vostro relationship. MT 202/205 and pacs.009 are exchanged between banks on SWIFT or domestic Payment Market Infrastructure

The graph below illustrates the API flow for all gpi services. Banks update the payment status by using the status confirmation API with the service_level identifier specific to the business service, refer to STI Service Level Definition to find out the value for each business service. To retrieve payment information from the Tracker, banks can use the Transaction Details APIs for a specific payment or payments within a given time range.



gpi Core Services



Supported Developer Toolkit


This API will be supported by SWIFT SDK and SWIFT Microgateway.


Ordering and Provisioning


Become a gpi member and subscribe to the gpi Customer Credit Transfer (gCCT) service to start using the APIs. Order now.

Application providers and partners currently do not have access to the gpi test API service.

Developer Reference

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Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and Postman collection to get started!

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Understanding the business rules are necessary when integrating with this API, be sure to reference the gpi gCCT, gCOV, and gFIT rulebook.

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gpi API release policy and versioning strategy respect a consistent and comprehensive policy.

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