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gpi API Versioning and Strategy Plans


Standardisation and versioning strategy remain the two biggest challenges in the API industry. While API versions reflect a living product, versioning should be controlled to allow customers sufficient time to transition from one version to another, while ensuring the product stays up-to-date.

This is the reason why the gpi API versioning strategy follows a consistent and comprehensive policy. New versions are increased by one and the API version number is reflected in the URL of the API. We will always support two versions and keep one API version in maintenance mode for a considerable period.

The table below shows which versions will be available on a 12 month release cycle, starting in November each year.

2019 2020 2021
New release (supported) V3 V4 V5
Support mode (supported) V2 V3 V4


Please note that API version 2 will be supported in maintenance mode for 6 months following the release of API version 4 to allow smooth transition.


This year the API v4 specifications and rulebook will be published following the schedule depicted in below table

First draft Final API + Sandbox Pilot Live
May - June June - July July November


Please note that API v4 will specifically and only be available in testing in Swaggerhub as of end of April for early adopters of the gpi Financial institution transfer service V2.

Moving forward, to provide customers more time to review and analyse the specs, we will publish the API specifications earlier during Q1 while keeping to the consistent release cycles.


gpi Overview

For more information on gpi, see the gpi overview page.

Version Enhancements

SWIFT gpi v4 introduced changes to make API easier to use. Download the PDF to see the list of differences between v4 and v3 and other useful information.

SWIFT gpi v4 API Enhancement