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Instant API

Version 5.0 Live

The gpi Instant API allows banks to update status of payment transactions that are forwarded via domestic instant payment market infrastructures to the creditor in real-time.

gpi Instant Payment is an enhanced service that enables participating banks to send and receive cross-border payments end-to-end, in near real time, and beyond their regular hours of business. It offers banks the ability to provide an improved service level for cross-border payments to their clients and potentially restore traffic lost to competing solution providers. Additionally, using domestic instant payment system (as opposed to RTGS systems) can lower processing costs which makes it even more preferable.


gpi Core Services


gpi Instant Payments are Customer Credit Transfer payments with service_type identifier as 001 or 005. For more information about Customer Credit Transfer payments (gCCT) and receiving the status of payment transactions see gpi Core Service API.


Supported Developer Toolkit


This API will be supported by SWIFT SDK and SWIFT Microgateway.


Ordering and Provisioning


This is an optional service available to all gpi members who are subscribed to the gpi Customer Credit Transfer (gCCT) service. You can subscribe to gCCT here.

Developer Reference

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