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Case resolution API

Version 6.0.4 Dev Version 5.0 Live Version 4.0.5 Live

The Case resolution (CASE) APIs vastly improve the time to resolve an inquiry, ensuring invoices are paid on time, reducing fraud, and better meeting client expectations. The CASE request is used to conveniently resolve instances in which information is incorrect or missing in payment instructions.

To raise a case resolution inquiry, the requesting agent makes an API call to the gpi Tracker. The latter will then route the request to the first financial institution involved in the transaction that is also subscribed to the Case resolution service (e.g. starting from the ordering bank, then moving to the next intermediary/ies if it isn't subscribed to Case resolution). Once the inquiry has been responded, the institution can rightly process the payment. The API call must be formatted in accordance with the Rulebook.

Ultimately, creating straight-though processing for case management requests, relying on structured codes to standardize communications, facilitates inquiries process automation, ensures timely follow up of the requests and allows more efficient case resolution.

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The Case resolution APIs include the below methods which enable:

  • The Case assigner to create a case request
  • The Case assignee to provide an assignment response to the case
  • The Case assignee or Case assigner to provide a final case response
  • The final case response will be provided by the Case assignee when the case reason is NOT related to a payment field
  • The final case response will be provided by the Case assigner when the case reason is related to a payment field
  • The Case assigner to request the cancellation of an opened case
  • The Case assigner and Case assignee to get the details of the case(s) they are involved in

gpi Stop and Recall Overview


Supported Developer Toolkit


This API will be supported by SWIFT SDK and SWIFT Microgateway.


Ordering and Provisioning


The Case resolution APIs are currently available to SWIFT gpi banks. Subscribe to the Case resolution service and start using the APIs.

Note that as from next year, non-gpi institutions will also be able to subscribe to the Case resolution service (cfr Universal Case Management initiative).

Once subscribed to the Case resolution service, the below steps should be undertaken to benefit from the Case resolution APIs:

  • Configure SDK or MicroGateway
  • Implement APIs based on the specifications available in the Stop and recall API contract (as published onto the SWIFT Developer Portal)
  • Grant access to the adequate UserDN, with the appropriate RBAC role(s) and BICs in scope of each RBAC, towards the swift.apitracker (and/or swift.apitracker!p) service(s)

Developer Reference

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Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and Postman collection to get started!

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There are additional rules not covered in the API specification, so be sure to reference the Case Resolution rulebook for your API integration.

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gpi API release policy and versioning strategy respect a consistent and comprehensive policy.

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