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gCase API

Cross-border payments are subject to manual interventions for a number of reasons (e.g. incorrect payment information prevents the payment from being processed …). By using the APIs, the beneficiary or intermediary banks will be able to manage case investigations quicker and reduce the number of manual queries.

These APIs will also facilitate the retrieval of case information from the tracker, for example, requests related to cases linked to a payment and its statuses.


  • CreateUnableToApplyCaseRequest
  • Initiated by the assigner, creates an “Unable To Apply” investigation

  • AssignCaseRequest
  • Used by the assignee of the case to confirm the acceptance of the case or that the case is forwarded to another party in the payment chain (and updates the Tracker accordingly)

  • ConcludeUnableToApplyCaseRequest
  • After investigation is finished, the assignee provides a response related to an “Unable To Apply” request and updates the tracker.

  • GetCaseDetails
  • Returns a list of cases linked to a UETR (each case may include a list of events)

  • GetChangedCaseDetails
  • Returns all case details and events that have been modified since the beginning of the case, on all UETRs linked to my institution (it is also designed to serve as audit trail)

Developer Reference

Ready to take the API for a spin?

Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and postman collection to get you started!

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There are additional rules not covered in the API specification, be sure to reference the gpi Case Resolution rulebook for your integration via APIs.

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