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gpi for Corporates API

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With SWIFT gpi for Corporates (g4C), gpi flows are now directly integrated into corporate treasury applications (TMS/ERP), allowing multi-bank corporates to initiate and track their outgoing payments (Pay and trace) and to be notified about incoming payments (Inbound tracking) in a bank-agnostic way.

gpi for Corporates delivers the following benefits:

  • Multi-bank unique end-to-end reference generated at payment initiation

  • Full visibility on outgoing and incoming cross-border transactions (time, routing, number of intermediaries, fees)

  • Certainty and visibility on receivables with structured payment advice information, allowing for accelerated reconciliation and optimized liquidity management

  • Improved supplier relationship with certainty of payment, proof of execution and proactive issue-resolution

With this set of APIs, g4C payment tracking is now real-time. The APIs can be used by corporates (to track their own payments) as well as by banks (to track their customers’ payments). Being subscribed to gpi for Corporates is a pre-requisite to the use of these APIs over the SWIFT network.

For more information on gpi for Corporates, see

If you are a subscribed g4C bank or corporate, please also refer to the SWIFT gpi -Rulebook for Optional Services - gpi for Corporates.


Types of g4c API


Payment tracking

Allow corporates and their servicing bank(s) to track Pay and trace and/or Inbound tracking transactions in real-time. 2 queries are available:

  • UETR search: provides the status and the related transaction-level information regarding a specific (incoming or outgoing) transaction.

  • Time-window search: provides the status of all transactions (incoming or outgoing) that have been updated within the specified timeframe.

g4C Notification Management (g4C banks only)

Allow g4C banks to configure criteria to only enable the reception of g4C notifications for a pre-defined list of customers and/or transactions.


Supported Developer Toolkit


This API will be supported by SWIFT SDK and SWIFT Microgateway.


Ordering and Provisioning


Subscribe to gpi for Corporates and start using the APIs.

Developer Reference

Ready to take the API for a spin?

Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and Postman collection to get started!

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Understanding the business rules are necessary when integrating with this API, be sure to reference the gpi for Corporates rulebook

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