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Compliance Analytics API

Designed for Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering or sanctions compliance professionals, Compliance Analytics analyses your institution's SWIFT payments traffic and delivers a global view of your branch and correspondent activity.

By benchmarking your traffic against aggregated message totals over SWIFT, the service alerts you to significant spikes, unusual behavior, or possible policy breaches in high-risk countries and corridors. Your counterparties' nested downstream activities are also identified.

The Compliance Analytics API allows you to programmatically access your Compliance Analytics data and automate your financial crime-related use cases. The first API available is the "institution review API" which returns the stats on your institution's exposure to other institutions and the level of (nesting) activity.

Developer Reference

Ready to take the API for a spin?

Use the developer references such as the OpenAPI specification, SDK and postman collection to get you started!

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